Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wednesday's Gratitude Journal

Feeling like taking off a few heads today. So instead I am going to find something to be grateful for and at least one thing I will do for MYSELF tonight once home from work.

#1. Hubby- who always listens, even if I repeat myself. ;-)
#2. Sam- she always has such a positive outlook on life.
#3. Sadie- yes I know she's a kitten, but she is full of life and bounce (which I could use a little of).

For me.
#1. Take a walk- enjoy the starts of fall.
#2. Spend 30 minutes in my sewing room.
#3. Find a project that is about finished and put on top of finish list.

Whelp I sure feel better now. All heads can stay attached.

1 comment:

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