Monday, April 27, 2009


After spending the last 15 years in the same house my landlords have decided to be really big pains. So we have decided to purchase our 1st house. The house payment will be about the same as what the landlords are wanting for rent every month. Now is the fun part cleaning, packing, and then there is my husbands shop. Who could ever imagine how much stuff and junk a family could accumulate over all these years. It is sad and happy occasion for us. Definetly been walking down memory lane especially when the race car was leaving for a new home. Or realizing that we have raised all of our kids in this one house. My husband says that the memories will stay in our head, yet it is tough. I do have to say the toughest decision is keep the fabric or the piano. I only have enough room for one. Of course the fabric stash will be useful over the next years when our cash is tighter, but the piano that I barely play, I bought because I really wanted to have one again. I am sure the fabric will be kept and the piano hopefully will find a good home. The house we are moving into is only 10 years old and needs no major repairs and sits on a bit of property. The good thing is Sam will not have to change schools nor will we have to relicense all of our vehicles for we will be staying in the same county. There seems to be so much to do to be ready to move it at times seems overwhelming, yet I know we will get it all done. One piece at a time.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Yesterdays Nightmare

Some how I managed to shut my cat Smokie's tail in my bedroom door. He Meowed and ran away I thought nothing of it. Later I was telling him, he shouldn't put his tail in water and realized it was not water but blood. I inspected his tail and called the vet immediately. I waited on pins and needles for him to come back home. Smokie spent 9 1/2 hours with the vet has a newley shaved tail and received 4 stitches. Now we hope Smokie's tail heals properly and that he does not try to remove those new stitches. My plans for yesterday was to watch a couple of class lectures to prepare for my mid-term exam. Needless to say I could not concentrate with wondering about Smokie. So I prepared the April A Tisket A Tasket and sewed another row on a quilt I started before Christmas. The plans for today are watch class lectures, add borders to the quilt, and give Smokie lots of love and attention.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I finally did it, I got my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I just finished my last class on Monday. My diploma will be here before I actually get to go through graduation ceremonies in June. Even though I will already have my diploma I still am going to go through with the actual graduation ceremonies for I will be graduating with honors unsure if it will be Magna Cum Laude or Cum Laude. No matter what the honor is I never dreamed I would ever get my bachelors let alone be able to get such Great grades. Now I hope that I can continue my high standards of learning in my masters program.