Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday's accomplishments

I managed to get my pie block stitched down. I have the third TR block on fusiable webbing; so tomorrow I can pick the fabrics out and get stitching on that block. Then I'll have my blocks done for Pat’s Yahoo group. I also managed to get my awesome wall quilt "Pat's Butterfly Garden" stitched down today. I hope to be able to quickly quilt it tomorrow. I am enjoying my slow week of school, knowing that next four weeks are going to be to hectic to probably do any sewing. I managed to finished reading my last book I have by Emilie Richards called "The Parting Glass." This book took me a little longer to read, partly due to the fact I only read before bed and the fact I was so tired every night that I'd fall asleep reading. The book was really good, I just was really, really tired. Emilie has a few other books I have not read, but I am going to switch authors and read "The Suicide Club" by Gayle Wilson

I should not have watched the NE vs. USC game tonight. Talk about bumming a person to watch USC walk all over your favorite team. At least we did not lose to bad. But I was really hoping we could topple the #1 ranked team in the Nation. Oh well another year.

I am working on a new "Home Management Binder" that I found on Bren’s blog. I am hoping that this will help get me organized and at the same time allowing extra time to accomplish other tasks that I don't have time to get too.

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