Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Today I choose to work on a corner/top of my sewing machine cabinet.

There was a pile of 5 jeans, little girl coverall shorts, and a top all waiting to be fixed. So yep I got to sew today on the fix it pile. I just love my husband dearly and choose this section first to be tackled so that I could get his jeans stitched since he gave me so much guff over all my thread. This did take me a while today. Especially seeing as I ran out of thread and had to go to town and get more before I could finish sewing the jeans. Luckily tonight was gymnastics and I had to make the 30 minute drive anyway. Or those jeans would still be waiting to be patched. How in the world can guys rip out the behind of their jeans? My hubby says its because he uses it all the time to sit. ;-) NO really.
Actually he usually is working on one of the cars when he rips his pants.
Anyway the pile is gone and I even dusted and organized the bins. As you can see by the picture not only is it much better, but I had an helper. Everything that moves she tack's down with those little claws, trust me it's not going anywhere.

Now to determine what is store for next week's tackle it Tuesday.

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Bren said...

Great tackle!!! I will give myself away here and tell you I cheat on Tackle it Tuesdays! There is no way I am going to get a before and after pic done in time to link to the TT group (you just can't put the i in the abbrev. there!) I always do my tackle on Monday's and then post them Tuesday...shhh.
I ususally pick pretty big ones, like you did today. You helper is adorable!