Saturday, September 29, 2007

Blue Valley Quilt Guild Show

Well I played hooky for a few hours today and headed to Seward, NE for the Quilt show. It was said that there were 300 quilts on display and they were truly inspiring. Of course I forgot my camera at home some 80 miles away. But luckily for me a LQS owner/friend had her's so she took a picture of the most amazing hand appliqued quilt. I will post a picture when I get it from her.

I entered the raffle drawing for this quilt and received these cute little bags with the pig coming on one side and going on the other side. Inside the bag was scraps of fabric.

I made several small purchases which sure brightened up my day, at the same time lightening my wallet. It was fun to go to this show, but going by myself I had no one to make oh's and ah's comments to and I did not want to start talking to myself. ;-) Below is a picture of my purchases. There is even a Fat Quarter of Hand dyed fabric. The lady is from the Omaha area. So now I have a source to get some pretty's.


Bren said...

Well you are going to be quite busy!! I can't wait to see the scarecrow!
Oh and the pic of the hand applique quilt..don't forget!

kcamou said...

netOh, it looks like you got some really fun stuff. I agree with Bren and can't wait to see the scarecrow!