Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thread and more thread

How many of us want to own every color of thread so that we do not have to run to the store everytime we turn around. Well I still do not have every color but I still am in thread heaven. I was able to use my Joanns 40% off coupon and I know have 100 spools of thread. Let me just say without that coupon I never would have thought of purchasing this great product. It is know hanging on my wall in what is known as the sewing room at the end of my living room. My hubby hung it up immediatly soon that I could start using the money I spent. I think He hopes I now will do lots of projects, maybe including one for him. Wonder if his helpfulness was a hint. ;-) Ok he says I'd only need one color of thread for him. Hum would that be black. NOPE blue so I could patch the holes in his jeans. Guess I best tackle the tower O' Jeans before he uses the sewing machine.

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