Thursday, September 27, 2007


I spent most of this day reading my Java book and answering discussion questions. I did get some down time and was able to pull fabrics for my Time Remembered block. It is all ready to be fused down onto the background. So with any luck I can get this weeks program written like yesterday and have my entire weekend free to sew. I just remembered that I did make an apron today, I found the tea towel and fat quarter when I did my tackle it tuesday. The halloween fabric actually is stitched in the middle turning it into two pockets great for holding miscellanous items while cooking up those gouley treats.
I have a question if a person starts stitching down their applique using a machine zigzag stitch would it be horrably wrong to switch in the middle of the blocks to a different stitch. Seriously I know there is no set standard, but honestly would it look alright or tacky?


Bren said...

Your apron is wonderful...I can't help you with the machine applique question. I have never done it. I would think if you are using invisible thread it would not matter. If the thread shows, then like I said, I am just not the person to answer.

kcamou said...

Hmmm... I guess only you can decide if it looks tacky or not. It might look fun or whimsical, or if you did use invisitble thread you might not see it all. Go with your instinct... and who knows, you might start a new trend.