Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Tuesday Continued

I did not get near as far as I wanted on my tackle it tuesday. Here is my cutting table area of my sewing section, it had gotton rather buried. I managed to find a bag that had all the fabric and instructions shredded by a kitty. What a mess I plan on later using tape to put the directions back together so I can finish the quilt. I managed to get things neatly organized into totes to later be moved to a more permenant home.
Ok now for the reason my cutting table is in totes and my tackle for the day was delayed.

I had started sorting and organizing my table when I received a phone call from a quilt guild memeber. She asked what I was doing? and then asked if I could take some time before guild meeting to stop by her place. She then informed me she was moving to Wisconsin and could not take all of her fabric stash and was I interested. What quilting women in her right mind would turn down free fabric. So I left 3 hours early and almost did not make guild. I had to go home unload the car and go back to her house to pick up the rest of the fabric. The first trip I brought home 9 bags of fabric, the second trip I had 7 bags. Thats a total of 16 lawn and leaf bags of fabric. Boy did she downsize. Before this I had two totes of fabric, now I have more fabric then I will know what to do with.
I did tell this friend that I would donate what I did not keep to our local quilt guild to make cuddle quilts for the local Health and Human services for the kids to have when they are removed from their homes. She was ok with that but very empathic that I took what I wanted before giving it to the guild.
Here is my big revelation from yesterdays events. I received some fabric, decided to pay it forward. It says we reap what we sow. Well I sure had a fabric harvest. My husband said no more giving away of fabric, we have no more room. But I plan on giving away most of what I was giving, because there are others who would also enjoy a fabric harvest, and children who feel comforted by the quilts they are given in their time of turmoil.
I will never forget this friend said. "I felt with everything you had been through with losing your mother-in-law and such that you would appreciate this more than anyone else I know." She herself was struggling with lifes struggles so she was reaching out to me. So this gift will be used and payed forward time and time again. It will also be a reminder that we are not alone in our struggles and that we have friends and the best friend of all watching over us and guiding us; we have acces to Him when ever we need

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