Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday, Monday, Monday

Where to start.
My kitty Mitzy who has been at the Vet since thursday got to come home today. To bad her and Reese do not get along. Which is why she originally went to the vet Reese bit her in the foot and oh boy almost paralyzed her back paw. So now I have to keep these two seperate so Mitzy can heal and be able to stand her ground.

Then it was Dance class for Sam. Time to get the homework finished.

Another picture of my little Maine Coon Sadie. She loves to play with the mirror. I find it so delightful to watch her playing. Just a very fuzzy ball of energy, and fun rolled into baby teeth and tiny claws. Who just loves to attack feet, nose's and of course fingers. What kitty does not.
Got sidetracked and just had to purchase this great bag. This bag is so darling I just had to have it. I know I shouldn't have, but I just could not resist. And there was only one of them. Go figure I found this at Pat’s Store.
I recieved a fat quarter from Rhonda. So I want to pay it forward. So All comments starting from yesterday, Sunday Sept. 16, 2007 and going throuhg Sunday Sept. 23, 2007 will go into the hat to recieve a Fat quarter from me. I will draw out the winner on Monday. This is a great way to also get to know other bloggers.

Now I hope to find some time to work on some sewing. Lots to do little time to do it all.

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Quilting Cindy said...

Cute bag! What a great idea about the fat quarter.