Sunday, July 29, 2007

County Fair

I entered my Sweet Liberty water can along with 2 other quilted items in the county fair. I will not know until tomorrow what I got on them. My one quilt that I entered in the machine quilting catergory is up against a lady who has won almost every year. I have not taking anything out to the fair for over 10 years, just because I felt my work was not up to the standards of the other ladies in the county. Being a young quilter in the area sure brings some strange looks. One of the looks today was what was I doing there submitting my stuff. Oh well I am sure they had to start sometime, surely they did not wait until they retired before starting their passion.

So fingers crossed until I see what happens. Last time I entered I my quilts received 1st place awards, because they were not tied close enough together. So I wonder what the critique will be from the judge this go around.

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