Monday, July 23, 2007

Potter Mania

I was so excited got the new Harry Potter book and had sat down to start reading it. When I realized I still haven't read year 6 yet. Oh my!!! I've been waiting this whole time for the next book when I could have been reading 6. I remember the kids got thier books and I had to wait till one of them had finished reading it, so I could borrow the book. Must never borrowed the book, so went in search of #6. Went to the teenager girl's room, yep you guessed it no where to be found. So next teenage son's room, almost missed the book cuz it was missing the dust jacket. So now I am propped in my lazy boy with year 6 and ready to read.


Sarah in Houston said...

I have finished book 7 but am now reading 5 again. I just had to read the scene of the Weasley twins wrecking havoc in the main hall. The movie just wasn't the same.
After 4, I'm going to go back to 6 and 7 again. They are all such wonderful books.
Enjoy your time with Harry.

Tamara said...

I know the first 5 books were really good. My son said he does not want to read #7 because Harry gets killed. I said you won't know until you read the book. Just because that is the rumor does not make it the truth.

So he is thinking about it.