Friday, July 6, 2007


This morning when I looked at my Jam Jars I realized I forgot the embellishments. So of course stopped a Wal-mart this morning on my way to work, walking straight to the scrapbooking area to find small spools of rick rack or ribbon. I found the most perfect plaid for two of the jars. Which meant a quick trip to Joanns which had the same plaid ribbon and more. Of course I found what I needed and more. So how much rick rack does one need in case of emergency?


Susan said...

At least 50 yards. Then, in an emergency, you can lower yourself from the window of a 10-story building. =)

Susan said...

And I meant to include that your jelly jars are very cute, and the plaid ribbon is a nice topper.

Tamara said...

I really am enjoying the car. And thanks for the complement on the Jam Jars. I had fun making this wonderful pattern from Pat.