Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Farmers Market

Took the car to the lot to have the brakes taken care of per the purchase agreement. Since I was in town, when the farmers market was open, I decided to stop and get some homegrown tomatoes, and wouldn't you know I found Apple Butter and Rubuarb-Strawberry Jam. I only brought home the Apple Butter Jam. Did not want to over do on my trip to market. I was amazed the farmers market was still there seeing as it has been over 8 years since I was last there. My daughter went with me, and when I was getting the tomatoes asked what the green things were in the bag. She had never seen fresh green beans, we use frozen here. So now I have to snap the beans, maybe I'll call mom and get the french bean slicers from here. My daughter is in for a real treat. Yes the cat "smokey" is very protective of the Jam; every time I try to take a picture he has to get in the road. Funny kitty.

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