Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sewing and Programming

I read the next assigned chapter in my C programming class. Then rewarded myself with some zigzaging around parts of my water can and Guardian Angel for Times Remembered. It was nice to sit and sew, there is something so methodical about watching the needle go up and down. I used to love to machine quilt with my little Kenmore; but after driving my manual car for two years my shoulder would not allow that type of sewing. So maybe, hopefully the new car being an automatic, will allow my shoulder to not hurt all the time so I can quilt again. Picture of my helper Miane Coon Cat "Nelly". She was sitting on my ironing board which hanges over my sewing cabinet. So if I was not petting her she would reach out and grab me with her big claws. I stopped sewing to iron so she went and sat ontop of my machine. Course I couldn't get the camera fast enough for a picture. Maybe next time it is funny to see such a huge cat on top of the machine.

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