Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What a crazy week

I have been working really hard trying to write a computer program. Which has taken longer than anticipated. The last week of classes are always push, push and push some more. There's always a team project and then a individual project due as well. It's amazing how a person can get so much accomplished let alone have time for work, family, and sewing (oh don't forget the sleep).

I did manage to get the binding stitched down on the October block I posted a while back.

Tomorrow I hope to post a picture of my quilt with it's ribbon from the fair. Two did not do so well, that is fine I only truly wanted to show that there was more than traditional quilts that can be made. I am a little afraid to read the comments on the back of my entry cards though. The lady who judges our fair can be extremely harsh, especially if it is not a full size quilt.

So tomorrow I'll know her thoughts and get them back home were I appreciate them and my family knows the story behind why they were made.

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