Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Classes and office move

Wosers, I truly enjoy learning new programming languages. But this Java class has truly not been a whole lot of fun. It might be better if what we were to do with our assignments were actually discussed in a book, or maybe a lecture. I spent hours trying to find a code to pause a scrolling output. It reminds me of learning to quilt but at that time it was not as popular and your local stores did not have a clue how to do such a strange hobby. That too was a lot of trial and error. I understand my program extremley will after the hours of working on it.

Which means no sewing for me. I had promised myself that every day I would find something to sew on, whether it was a big project or something small. But that promise was sidelined.

Oh yep the office has been moved 5 blocks down from where my boss/mom originally opened her business. I spent yesterday getting her computers up and functional, I managed to even get the server, DSL and computers all to work together again without to main hitches in the process.

I am hopeful that today I can spend sometime sewing as a small reward for reading the next chapter for my wonderful Java class.

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