Saturday, August 4, 2007

Apron Day

Today on Pat Sloan yahoo group we had Apron making day. Well I got my apron done. It turned out really good. I used Rick Rack on the pockets and binding on the round bottom. I picked the pattern because it seemed easy. It wasn't too bad, did have to stitch the waist down by hand. But this waist piece covers the gathers and tie ends nicely, so the hand work was worth it. Now my daughter wants her own apron just like mommy. I actually had seen a mother/daughter pattern when I picked up the one for todays event. I'll keep her request in mind, maybe as a christmas present.

It was nice to sew something useful especially after spending hours proofreading and rewritten parts of a team paper, then having to get my presentation put together off of the paper. The Apron was the perfect getaway from school work. Thanks Pat for the project for today.

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