Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Last Weeks Accomplishes

Ok so it is the middle of the week but still thought I should finishing my list of accomplishments that I got accomplished and what I hope to get accomplished this week or whats left of it anyway. I did manage to finish the January and February Tiskat a Tasket blocks and start on May's block. Last year I did the March and April. So this leaves me 8 blocks to finish. I am hand appliquing these blocks and so enjoy this hand work while watching T.V. with my husband in the evening.

During the week I also managed to find time to make 3 more FWS blocks, but only got 1 SBS block done. Giving me a grand total for the week of 5 SBS blocks and 4 FWS. I realized that I did not have as much 30's fabrics left from my other projects so had to wait till I went to the quilt store to enhance my stash. Good to go for awhile. This weekend I started sorting the fabrics in my scrap tote. Oh boy did not get vary far but did manage to find some great pieces to use in my FWS. Sunday Sam and I got all her HST finished and trimmed and she learned how to iron towards the dark fabric.

My hopes for this week of course is to finish my May Tisket a Tasket and start on June's block. Of course work on more SBS and FWS blocks. I did stop by the quilt store on my lunch break to pick up the neccessary supplies to continue with my SBS. Other quilting plans finish the "Nutcracker" top I made for my husband for Christmas. I also have a project that I have been working on that needs the blocks arranged on the wall so I can finally sew them together. And of course last but not least help Sam sew her HST into a completed block. I am finding that writing my plans for the week and then posting my accomplishments is keeping me focused and getting somewhere on my WIP's.

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