Sunday, January 17, 2010

Accomplishments and next weeks plans

I just finished my first block from Sylvia's Bridal Sampler (SBS) called Lady of the Lake. It was paper pieced and came out really good. I love paper piecing but hate having to take of the paper off once the block is done. I joined a couple groups that are working on this book, in hopes to keep myself on track and get many of these blocks done, if I'm really ambitious I might finish the whole book and have an awesome quilt in oh a few years.

My plans for this week are to finish a couple more of my Tisket a Tasket blocks. Make another SBS block and start working on my Farmers Wife Sampler (FWS) block.
Oh and help Sam (10)get her first Saturday Sampler block done. She decided this year to join me in this once a month project. The first month we get our block then on the second Saturday of the month if we have our block made we get that months block for free, if not then we pay $5.00 for the block. She has been sewing for awhile now, but now we are learning the techniques required to actual cut, piece, and assemble the blocks. I find it fun to be teaching her, something I love and hope one day she will continue. The picture above is my finished Saturday Sampler.

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