Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The year to finish up

Between Kim and May Britt it seems that this is the year to finish up all WIP (works in Progress) or WISP (works in SLOW progress). Which ever name you choose it still is getting the quilts done. I have started a list in my side bar of quilts I'd like to finish this year and there will be a list of completed WIP's. The fabric stash badge is from Hanne such great creative way to show our support for stash busting in '08.

Now for the before pictures for the January challenge at May Britt's. The first picture has a scrappy star pillow top that needs quilted and finished (I think I started it in 2001); along with the small 4th of July wall hanging I designed in 2002. The next picture was a kit for Tenderberry Stitches called "Christmas at Our House." The books publishing date is 2002 so it was either that year or 2003 that I started this quilt. Somewhere I have tea towels that I was making to go along with the quilt. I figure these three small projects are a great start for January. Everything is ready to quilt and finish.

I enjoy making the tops or blocks but the machine quilting takes a toll on my arm because of the bulging disc in my neck so I have tons of quilts in this stage. But if I slowly make progress it will not be so overwhelming the number of tops on the bookshelf that need quilted.
I hope this year is the year for finishing lots of quilts and getting all my quilting organized.

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May Britt said...

Great projects that deserves to be finished :)