Sunday, January 20, 2008

Done and Started

I just got the last stitch put into my 4th of July small wall hanging. I cannot believe it has taken me this long to finish something so small. It is only 18"x 20" but years have passed since I created the design and pieced the top. This heart flag came about because I wanted something patriotic to hang on the wall. Now this year it will hang with pride being completely finished.

Now the new project is a BOM from a LQS and we call it Saturday Sampler. We pay for the first block and we have a month to get it done. Then we take the finished block back on the second saturday the next month and show that the block is done and we get the new block FREE. Now if we cannot go ourselves or our block did not get done we have to pay $ for the months block. This years colorways were flannel or black Amish. I had taken a couple years off to catch up on my saturday samplers. But decided this was the year to go back so guess which color way I choose.

With the temps at 19 degrees farenheit and the winds blowing 90 miles per hour (honestly, ok maybe 15 MPH) and right through the house the cats sure had the right idea. Loung right by the heat vent. Talk about lazy and loving it. The lowest perch is right above the vent. Of course there's not enough room here so the 3rd Maine coon found a sunnier spot. As you can tell I got quite the look when I disturbed Sadie for a picture. Its like "how dare you wake me, I was sleeping."


May Britt said...

Another wisp done. Great. Now you are ready for celebrating 4th of July.

Quilting Cindy said...

I really like the 4th of July hanging. The kitties are just too cute.

Moorea said...

I have small quilt projects that have taken me years to finish also, I think it is just part of being a quilter! Your cats are adorable. My husband does not like cats, so I won't get one, but I live vicariously through all the quilt bloggers who post cozy kitty pics on their blogs.
I can dream! :o)