Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What I've been up too

I have taken everybody's advice and have made two charm bags, not for myself but to sale. I do have one already listed on Ebay. I am so scared that it will not sale. I hope to have the second bag finished yet tonight to get it posted quickly.

I finally got the new ironing board cover made. I am so happy to have a new cover that is not scorched, ripped and burnt. I will miss my kitties but do like the flowers on the new cover.

Now for the really big news. I just was hired at the local quilt store called the Picket Fence to work part-part-time. The owner is very understanding that my first job has set days I work and that I am only available to work the other days at the store. She just needs some one to help out because one workers husband is seriously sick, and shop hop starts soon. So she figures if I am trained to help out at least there is someone to call.

Update: If my bags sell then my next bags will be more of a springtime nature, followed of course by RED White and Bold which of course is Sandy Gervais fabric lines. I just love having a bag/purse for the different holidays/seasons. These bags easily hold the current book I am reading along with the rest of my essentials. At this moment though it is looking like my current adventure has hit a dead end. Who knows though I did land a job in a quilt store, maybe she will let me sell the bags there.

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