Thursday, January 31, 2008

First day at quilt store.

I went to my new job today. Oh what fun. I just loved being in the shop and starting to learn the basics. I even saw a great new pattern for my bags/purses. But want to see how things go before I spend my earnings on something that won't sell.

That job is great. Now for the not so nice parts of the day. I am trying hard to not use curse words but my day had tons of bad parts. I pull into the town I work in 18 miles from home and hear from the engine compartment KNOCK, KNOCK. I speed up the noise gets louder I slow down the noise gets quiter. NOT good at all. I ask my new boss if I can make a personal phone call with in minutes of getting to work. Of course my husband is in class and I had to leave a voice message, oops forgot to see if it is ok to take personal phone calls on the job. Great I'm going to get fired before I ever start. Skipping ahead. Hubby shows up at 12:30 listens to the car, does something and then comes back into the store and says he's going to try to drive it home. My boss asks if this is a good idea,then she says I can leave so I can follow him home. So it was 30 minutes early I left work. As it turns out the car made it five blocks, we parked it. Went home and got the truck to tow it the 18 miles home, in attempts to save what is left of the motor.

Some where in all this confusion I did manage to learn how to run the cash register, the credit card machine and minor other things in the 2 1/2 hours I was at work. Then was asked if I could work Saturday by myself for 5 hours. Yeah I did not get fired, but I still haven't cut any fabric, or learned whats what really. Cheryl is so easy going that is the main reason I decided to help her out when she gets into tight jams. I help her and get to play with all the new fabrics and see the patterns. So I am not sure who is getting the better deal. I get paid to enjoy my passion.

Now the car is sitting in the shop and hubby is really wishing our weather would warm up so that he can see what is wrong with it. I just hope and pray it is an easy fix and that maybe by April/May I can drive my car again. I just cannot at this moment really afford to replace the whole engine, and maybe it just needs some internal parts replaced. But the sounds it was making led me to believe it is done for.

If this was not bad enough, today was parent-teacher day. Of course the 3rd grader is not doing to bad, still needs to work on learning her spelling words. But the teen son is not doing good at all. I had one teacher tell me that she was really upset with him because he lied to her today. Of course we were not shocked at all. So we came up with a game plan to get his grades up. On to the next teacher; where I had to tell her that my son lied to her on Tuesday and that he was there early, and then about the other lie he told her. Boy this kid is just not learning. The sad thing was having to A.) be told he was lying, B.) tell someone he was lying C.) then try to figure out how to get his grades above failing. Then we had to come home and talk with him and see what we can agree to not agree on. We have been working on the lying issues for years and it seems we are fighting a losing battle. And since he found out that his bio-dad wants to never-ever see him again it has been almost unbearable to live with him, deal with homework, and such.

So needless to say this has been a day of ups, downs and all arounds. I have run the emotional guantlet and now I have to try to concentrate on homework. I usually try to keep my blog upbeat, sorry if I bummed everyone out.


Anonymous said...

You have to remember that you have a positive attitude and also to take one day at a time and also you have friends to talk to when things get overwhelming. you are a great person and have great goals in mind for everything you do ... stick with them and everything will work out, it always does. Love ya, Ang

Quilting Pirate said...

How exciting! I remember my first day last year in January and I can say it's still a learning process but I LOVE my job, my co-works, my shop and my customers. It's truly awsome when customers come in and say can I speak to YOU to help them with fabric choices or pattern.

Take deep breaths, keep open communication and absorb everything - you will learn so much!