Monday, October 1, 2007

Count down to being older

Today is the first of October and my daughter has started the monthly countdown for birthdays. Her daddy's birthday is the 11th and her mommy's is the 29th. When did the feeling of excitement to have your birthday to hurry up and get here turn into almost dread for turning another year older. 35 seems like such a foreign number. I can distinctly remember when I was 20 that 35 was ancient now that I am approaching this milestone I wonder what ancient is. My grandma who's birthday was 3 days after mine lived to be 96 and you never could tell her age because she never slowed down. What a woman of faith and it never fails this time of year that her passing still leaves me missing my best friend. My mentor and the woman who inspired my love of quilting and creativity. So I guess with age comes the ability to understand ones connection to their past and have a sense of how to continue on putting your faith in the Almighty, because you witnessed first hand His hand in your grandma's life and without it life becomes a number that we dread. But if we look ahead we can see the future we have in store.


Bren said...

Wonderful post. Do you have a picture of your Grandma? You should post it and show one of her quilts if you can.

kcamou said...

Good thoughts. While I don't feel older "mentally), I am definitely wiser. So, I see each year as a bonus in the wisdom department... I can't wait to see how I will think of things in the years to come!