Monday, October 22, 2007

Quilt show pictures

I love it when a quilt show actually gives a person a book that has all the names of the quilts and creators along with important information. It helps when looking back to recall what a person liked.

As many already know I like fall. So it will not come of any surprise that I picked this one as my favorite in the applique division. This quilt is called "Fall Friends" by Connie Olson and is machine pieced, hand appliqued and is hand quilted by another guild member.

This other fall quilts use of batik in the border really made the design. This quilt is called "Autumn Glory" by Jean Mohanna and was hand appliqued and quilted.

Oh butterfly's they were my grandma's favorite. There were two great butterfly quilts and of course I forgot to take a picture of the other one. Linda Ebel made "Butterfly Dance" that measured 36"X45.
This next quilt is made by Cleo Skinner. It is the "Underground Railroad" made using Elanoer Burns book. Cleo has a small group in Hordville, that meets once a month and our challenge was to make two blocks for two quilts. One was auctioned for the Hordville's 100 year celebration and the other quilt was auctioned in Polk for their 100 year celebration. Of course we were also to make our own "Underground Railroad" quilts but so far I think Cleo is the only one to do this.

I found this Peacock to be extremely interesting, especially using really feathers. In my house the cats would be in trouble all the time trying to play with those feathers. I did not write down the number/nor did the camera catch it but I do believe this is by Debbie Krugman "Island Peacock."

The last quilt for the day is by Stella Schaffer and is a mini Lone Star measuring 15"X15".

I have to show you my Super Sadie.
Then the other night I was looking for Smokie and found him trapped by a little girls feet unable to move. This picture was taken in the dark using just the flash from the camera. I was so shocked that it came out so bright.


Quilting Cindy said...

Great pics. I don't think I've ever been to a quilt show where they gave you a book listing the name of the quilt and the maker. What a wonderful idea!

Mel said...

Fall friends is my favorite too....
Did you happen to get anything in the mail yet?