Saturday, October 20, 2007

Finally pictures

The sunflower is by Debbie Beavers
I also have the witchy woman all ready to stitch down on a t-shirt. Both patterns came from the same lady in Iowa Bloomin’ Minds. I did manage to get my small quilt for guild quilted today and the binding stitched on I just need to do the hand work on the binding. So it for sure will be ready by Tuesday.
Ok enough pictures for today it has taken almost 2 hours to upload these two. Very frustrating.
I got through all 16 bags of fabric today. I have neatly sorted and filled 10 boxes that I did not want to keep and are ready for my friends to go through. Once they go through the fabric the I will start making cuddle quilts. I did keep roughly 3 to 4 large rubbermaid tots of fabric for myself and it is all in the laundry room to wash away all the cat smells from the previous owners home. Luckly it is just smells and nothing more. Then comes the fun of washing and sorting all of the fabric and trying to neatly organize it the newly purchased (garage sale) cabinets.


Bren said...

What is going on with your pictures? It should not take that long to load them. Is it blogger?
Well the 2 you have up are wonderful!

Tamara said...

I have to say it is blogger. Or maybe the weather. It just does not like me at the moment.