Saturday, October 20, 2007

Progress pictures

I finally got the pictures taken of what I have been working on. And wouldn't you know I cannot get my pictures to upload.

Today I went to another local quilt show, Yes I took pictures, and picked up the perfect embelishment for the silt on my corn block from Farmers Market quilt. While at the quilt show I was asked if I wanted to join their guild. I politely declined because I already am in 3 local and 1 state guild. I do not want to stretch myself to thin. Of course had to do the grocery shopping while in town. Then finished piecing and stitching down the pieces on a small quilt for a guild auction being held next Saturday.

Tomorrow I have to get the small quilt, quilted and the binding on so that I can deliver to the guild meeting on Tuesday. Luckily it is a very small quilt 13X13. So it should not take very long to finish it.

I do plan on starting to go through the bags of fabric I received to get that done, and the extra fabric ready to give to the guilds for cuddle quilts. We make quilts and give them to Health and Human services for the kids when they are taken from their homes. It is a great cause and I know that there is no way I need all of that fabric given to me. I do want to get started on this huge task tomorrow.

Also I hope I can get those pictures posted.

Hope everyone is having a happy quilty weekend. ;-)

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