Sunday, December 9, 2007

More snow

We have had snow since Thursday. According to the weatherman we should have hopefully 24 hours before the start of the next front that will dump snow on us. So basically I get tomorrow to get out and take care of work and things before the weather turns tomorrow night. Been trying to catch up on homework, yet still doing the holiday stuff.

My daughter and I made Cookie gift jars yesterday from a book I received in a drawing from Mary Anne. Then I made the instruction labels. So tonight when I was taking a break from homework I covered the lids with a nice Christmas fabric and attached the instructions with Christmas ribbon. These jars look so festive.

Next challenge is to actually make some cookies that stay here. I have Christmas this up coming weekend and need to try to get a good majority of my cooking done. Not to mention final class team assignment. So I actually am praying for more snow so that I can stay home from work. Because when the roads are bad I will not even attempt to drive that hour to work slipping and sliding.

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