Thursday, December 13, 2007

Busy, Busy

Been so busy with this kid functions, or school assignments that I was two days late getting my block for the round robin done. So I was happy when it snowed Tuesday, giving me a little more time to get it finished. The block was done late lastnight and I had to take a picture for the journal; decided to wait till morning when I was more awake.

This is Diann's starter block. And here is the grid with my wreath block added. I sure enjoy being creative.

I have one assignment left in this class then I start my next class on Tuesday but for all practiacal purposes I will be on Christmas break until January 8th Yeah! I plan on sewing and reading, maybe organize some more of my house since I will have more time free at home. I am done shopping, all presents are bought or made; now they just need wrapped.

I normally have everything done in October but am finding school and work play havoc on my schedules. So have been stressing a little about being behind schedule. We are so busy with family Christmas that I like to have things done early to give us a chance just to enjoy instead of rushing around.

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