Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas wish already come true

My son had decided last year he wanted to live with his biological dad. So in April I decided to not give-up but to let my little guy fly. Well, it has been a struggle having my 17 year old live somewhere else and only seeing him every other weekend. But I knew that he had to live with what he wanted, and that I could not bail him out; how else would he learn. Anyway after months of watching his needs both emotionally and pyshically not being meet I started to ask him little things like why they had not bought him jeans, or taking him for a hair trim at least. It got so bad that I noticed when he was here he had a ravenous hunger, and this weekend he had no deodorant or shampoo. Come on this is basics that a child needs. So as of today he is back at home with his mom and my only Christmas wish has come true. I'm jumping for joy, now to get everything legally finalized again. So prayers would be nice that we have a smooth transition to a new family normal. He has not been here since end of April/May. So there are going to be ups and downs, especially since he now knows that his bio-dad has basically washed his hands of him and does not want visits. Makes me want to cry about the new hurt.


Andrea said...

How lovely for you - hope all goes well. Hapy Christmas !!

Bren said...

I am so thrilled for you, but I will pray for your son. Rejection from a parent is a huge trauma. Don't let him NOT talk about it.