Monday, February 18, 2008

Winners and everything else

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winners. School has taken a toll on me this last week. But then Senior classes are to be tough. Yes I'm finally on my last year, Yeah!!!!!

Ok. I had rounded up the drawing committee, put the names in for the cats (Spread out on table). Ok the picture the names are under him, but he was faster then my camera or finger could take the picture.

The Frida won a special surprise, and from reading May Britt’s blog lately she could use a little pampering.
Then Smokie picked from the humans papers and the winner is Rhonda. I know it was not extremely scientific, but hey what ever works right. Luckily I got the paper away before he ate it and then I'd not know who won.

So if the lucky winners will email me their address I will try to get things mailed off soon.
Yesterday after I got my assignment turned in a finished a quilt top that was started in September 2004 from the Thimbleberries club. I had decided I best get this all put together before I accidently use the fabric on some other project.

Then today I decided to take my whole lunch hour and go to the quilt store. The top left coffee fabric I think will be a throw pillow, the upper right is for a late valentine swap with my local quilt guilds and the center fabric is for this pattern.

It is so nice to hear from everyone! Comments always welcome!

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May Britt said...

Oh how nice. Frida is saying meoooooow thank you to your cat for picking her. Frida is going back to the vet today for a check. She is feeling ok, but I think her stomack is too big after the surgery. Best to have a check. Frida will mail you her adress