Monday, February 11, 2008

A week in review

I am finally starting to feel better. So have really been taking it easy the last week. Luckily for me there was another snow storm so got to spend extra time at home to rest.

Did have some time to do some sewing. I created and made the block for the round robin I was to work on this month. I saw a woven heart at Kim's she sent me a link to a different block. I altered the block from the woven nine patch to have 25 little woven pieces. The 4th of July has several different special meanings to me. But the one that is the most important is my freedom. With wars upon wars fought to continue to have this freedom it takes a heart of a nation. Thus I always feel that hearts belong with the 4th.

Farmer's Market for February was donuts. I still am debating if I want to add some beads to make sprinkles or just leave it.

I will be drawing for my 100th post giveaway on Valentines Day and have decided to extend the entry time until Thursday noon. Too let you in on a bit of the surprise there is a least one pattern and fabric involved. And for the cat who is the lucky winner kitty heaven.

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