Saturday, February 2, 2008

Second day at quilt store

A quick recap from Thursday I only was at the quilt store for 2 1/2 hours. So today I was to run the shop all by myself for 4 hours. Talk about scary. Luckily, the other gal (Sue) who has had to cut back on hours showed me how to open up and various other things before she left, she got back in the nick of time to help me with probably the most unusual day I'll ever have.

I am sure the nicer weather brought out everybody, or my morning would have been extremely boring. Which would have made my second day easier, but not as much fun.

Skipping forward an hour or so. Sue decided that I had things under control so she left, because she and I were splitting the day. I am still waiting on costumers, when the boss (Cheryl) calls Sue at home needing fabric cut. Back to work Sue comes.

So far I have not messed anything up yet. Ok Sue leaves but will be back in a little over an hour and 20 minutes I'll be fine. No problem. I had another customer, still doing great; folding fabric that I had cut and realized I messed up. I had forgotten to charge two panels on the last ticket. I'm going to surely get fired now. Sue shows up I tell her my fear. Luckily, we knew the gal, and her phone number was on the check. But I still thought Cheryl was going to fire me on the spot when she found out. Sue simply said it will be fine just wait till shop hop then you'll be forgetting more than that.

So my four hours at work was luckily not all by myself because there were way to many unusual things that I would have bothered Sue at home so it worked out she was there in person to explain how do handle it. The costumers were extremely understand, one of them used to be the shop owner. Talk about weird her and I swapped sides of the counter. It was really a good day except I thought Cheryl should fire me.

Now hours later I've talked with Cheryl; I still have my job YEAH!!!! But was warned (jokingly) if it happens 20 times or more in a row there may be problems. It is great working with these gals; it is even better that they were friends before I started working there. But still you hate to let friends down especially when you are trying to help them out. I was informed though that I have about 2 months till shop hop starts to learn the ropes, so I am ready for all the fun.

Quick note: As of this post I have official hit my 100th post. Stop by tomorrow evening to see what I have cooked up for this special occasion. Thanks for stopping.

Update 2/3/08: Spent today sick so things are on stand still. Until I feel better.


Quilting Pirate said...

Sounds like you have a very understanding boss-YAH!! :D I remember the first time I was left alone....and with a key to the shop...imagine, I could shop any time I wanted...say at 2am I could come in and fondle the fabrics LOL

Congrats on your 100th post....I think I'm coming up on my 200th, so I should do something for my blog-a-versary!

Mary Anne said...

Lucky you!!! How fun to work at a quilt shop !!! (and tempting .....)

...sorry to hear about the car ... what a PAIN!

I'm having another give away , so come on over for a visit (and the best part is you don't have to get in that car to get there!0

P.S. -- that bag you made (a couple of posts ago) .... VERY CUTE !!!

Mary Anne said...

...... and hope you're feeling better soon!