Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sewing Saturday

I only got to fix the crooked lines and cut the next pieces for the quilt top. I decided it was time to start teaching Samantha how a quilt goes together. She is so proud of her master piece and I am too. The only fixing I did though was when the seem allowance was to narrow and I was afraid it would fall apart. There was one spot whe had that was so wonky that she begged me to help her frog stitch it, so she could restitch it. What a trooper we started at 9 this morning and by 4 this afternoon it was completed. I thought she would get tired or bored after a couple of hours, but no she needed to get this one done so she could start on the charity dolly quilt for my guild who donates them for Christmas of sharing. She is a true gem of a kid.

This started out a misc. blocks that we cut to the same size. She laid them out just like she wanted.We were ready to put on the last border. Then decided to add the red candy cane print all the way around the top. It was a great Idea to use the red all around the quilt. It sure made the blocks stand out better.

As you can tell she is very proud of her hard work for the day. Now I have to find time to quilt this so she can use it. So I was not allowed to do my personal sewing but her smile and attitude sure was worth the time given to help her learn the beginnings of quilting.


Amanda said...

Hi, Tamara! I am a member of Pat's Yahoo Group and I saw where you won her Niki scraps. Congratulations! I used to be very active in her group, and now it seems I just lurk.

Your blog is wonderful. You are such a talented quilter!

Quilting Cindy said...

Great job!