Sunday, November 18, 2007

Quilt top done

I finished piecing the monkey quilt top today. I have been fighting a neck ache that has been causing me a very painful migraine. I hope everything straightens up so I can get my monkeys quilted.

I have managed to also get a few small Christmas presents made this week. I still have a ways to go but its a start. I have been struggling to get in the holiday spirit. With so many changes in the house it really is tough to put on a smile and act like nothing has happened. But as my husband says we need to still continue on because we do still have someone who relys on us to provide her a great holiday. Memories are made by family activities, so I will try my best to get over my bahumbug mood.

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Mary Anne said...

Hi Tamara!

Maybe this will help to get you out of the humbug mood ..... YOU WON !!! Yes, YOU!! You're the winner of my Birthday Give Away goodie bag -- so, email me with your address so I can send you all the loot!