Sunday, June 7, 2009

How to unpack

I have finally started to get things organized and unpacked. And am ready to start unpacking my sewing room. I am stumped about where to even start unpacking the many boxes of stuff. How does one try to organize everything. I was smart and packed everything logically. What was previously spread throughout 4 rooms of the house was methodically packed. But now I am overwhelmed with how to organize it all into one space. The other problem is the family computer is taking up precious space I really wanted to have for a cutting table. Any ideas would be helpful. After 2 months without being able to do any type of quilt activity makes me wish to have things done and useable.


Pat said...

Hope you got your unpacking done. I don't think there are any really great shortcuts except to just jump in and DO it....even if you say you will do a certain # of boxes each day until it's done.

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