Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Time in a bottle

Before and After
Boy I sure wished I could have extra time. This last five weeks I have found myself coming and going. I have been so busy that this is how my sewing room became to look like.

Before and After

I spent hours yesterday just cleaning and organizing everything into neat storage areas. Then I went shop hopping with a friend today and of course now I have even more that needs organized and neatly put away. Once I got it straightened up I was able to finish the round-robin blocks and some other blocks do for my guild that we have been making for months now. I had volunteered to sew this batch together.

With working 3 part-time, to part-part-time jobs and full-time school I have managed to get so far behind. I just finished my class on Monday and have decided to take a full month off from school to allow myself a chance to catch up and have time to do some very much needed sewing (stress therapy).

This break from school will allow me to concentate on my family, and allow my husband the extra time while finishing his last semester of school. After his graduation in May we will have another change in life, him back to work for the first time since his back injury, making him disabled. So life agian is going to take another turn and we are worried what it might be but for now we concentrate on the immediate and know that it will work out.

I secretly hope that he finds a job and then I can take over being the parent at home.

Anyway I'll post soon some of my great shop hop purchases. And maybe with any luck I'll be able to spend more time blogging.

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Mary said...

your quilting room looks like mine, you are not alone! Hugs, Mary

Hears hoping for more time!

Dandelion Quilts said...

My room currently looks in the same state...and I just had it cleaned up last week! My husband always asks me why I bother to tidy it up. :) Can't wait to see your bag in progress and those shop hop finds. Thanks for stopping by!