Thursday, March 13, 2008

Life update

Were does one even begin to start. Hum I just finished a class on Monday, then started the next class on Tuesday. It has been tough trying to juggle everything at the same time keeping up with my studies so my GPA does not suffer. And as my blog is evidence of I am human and cannot do everything. Other than sewing at work the only personal sewing I have done lately is the March block for Farmer's Market. I have managed though to pick up all the kits for "Let there be Chocolate." This was done as a block of the month at the shop, but I had decided to pass, but with working there I just could not pass it up any longer.

On the family front my son is starting to settle into life being back at home Finally. I have also taken on hopefully a life changing adventure that hopefully will secure my families finances for the long haul instead of just living pay check to pay check. The great thing about this new adventure is I get to help other families find their way out of debt and provide stability for their futures too. This adventure though requires taking and Passing the states life insurance test. So yep I am burning the candel at more than two ends. But I do know that the rewards later will be well worth the lack of sleep. My main concern is making sure that my families needs are still being meet no matter how busy I am.

What can get all five cats in one place at the same time with out a fight? The tuna juice that was drained when I made Tuna casserole the other night. Clockwise from the top right the cats are Reese, Smokie, Sadie, Nelly, and Butterscotch. Butterscotch turns 16 this year, talk about an old cat.


Wendy said...

We can only do the best we can. I hope you find time for the things you enjoy.

The kitties are so cute.

Mary said...

Love your farmers market blocks!! Your kitties are tooooo cute! Hugs, Mary